As far as fall fashion goes, one forever staple is a pair of suede boots. Be they heeled or flat, knee high or ankle length, suede boots can compliment so many of your favorite fall outfits. If you’re something of a minimalist and prefer earth-toned clothes that really match the season, you likely already have the essential suede boot colors, like black and brown. But why not add a pop of color, too? Pink is always seen as cheery and goes well with many other colors, both neutral and vivid, such as purple, orange, red, and even green.

Basically, the pink suede boot is the unsung wardrobe hero. Read on to learn who makes the best ones and find yourself a perfect pair.


Lauded shoe designer Brian Atwood and Italian handcrafted shoe brand Scarosso collaborated to make the perfect pink suede boot with the Anya Suede Ankle Boots. The philosophy of both designers is to use the best materials and techniques to afford the utmost comfort on a staggering stiletto heel.


For the more fashion-forward wearers, Paris Texas offers so many worthwhile designs, namely, a slouchy, hot pink suede boot concept. (They come in calf length and an over-the-knee silhouette.) Wear them with your favorite jeans and T-shirt combo.


The term suede originally comes from the French phrase “Gants de Suede,” which means gloves from Sweden. However, the term eventually came to mean any kind of leather with a napped surface, then became sought-after in Europe for its soft, delicate feel. Suede somewhat differs in look and feel based on the type of animal hide used in production. Sheepskin suede is softest, has the most smooth nap, and is the most lightweight. Meanwhile, cowhide is a rough form of suede, and the older the animal, the thicker and rougher the nap. (Cowhide suede can also be called split cowhide, rawhide, bush coat, rough out, and calfskin.) Pigskin suede is also a dense and durable type of suede with a short, rough nap.

Other types of suede include, but are not limited to, Janus suede (thick suede for unlined footwear) and Repello suede (split suede, or leather without the top grain, for casual, albeit less durable, footwear). Generally speaking, suede is great for its versatile sensibility, a material that can morph from casual to semi-formal in a snap.



Softer and thinner than standard leather, suede leather is popular for clothing and fashion accessories. And yet, there are several materials that one can compare to suede.

Like suede, nubuck is different from standard leather in the area of texture. Nubuck is a soft leather made from the top grain of the animal hide, like standard leather. It’s sanded down to give it a smooth finish and made from cowhide but is still stronger and thick than suede. Like suede, it’s highly absorbent, which creates a disadvantage on rainy days. It’s important to treat both with a waterproof finish.


While not a traditional fall color and seemingly hard to match with your regular style, pink is all the hype this year, so it’s time to catch on. (Have you ever heard of the Barbiecore aesthetic?) Say, “later” to your nude hues and welcome a pop of color in all its vibrant glory by reaching for a pink boot in a rich suede; the look you’ll make is sure to be a showstopper. If you’re still hesitant, just remember that the variety of shades and styles of pink suede boots is abundant and you can surely find a pair to go with almost any kind of style vibe.

Style-wise, consider your personal taste and lifestyle needs. While you can’t go wrong with a simple ankle boot, a slouchy knee-high pair can really make a fall look stand out. So long as it’s well-made and versatile, whichever pair you choose will be a purchase you’re not ever likely to second-guess.

As always, these are just guidelines to make an informed purchase. With over 20 years in the fashion industry, Esquivel takes pride in being a valuable resource for shoppers. To learn more about our collection of pink suede boots or any other products we offer, send us a message through this link. We’re here to help you find the best shoes for you.

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