Esquivel House x Lola James Harper Candle


Meet Rami Mekdachi

perfumery’s most accomplished polymath

The Esquivel House scent collaboration with Lola James Harper

A mix of white musk and amber leather scents. Wholly made in France

Lola James Harper Rami Mekdachi has developed signature scents for Hotel Costas in Paris and world renown retailer Colette.

Lola James Harper

Since 1998 Rami Mekdachi is Art Director and Marketing Adviser for renowned brands as Costes parfum, Chloé candles, Eau de Colette, Lacoste candles, Roger Vivier parfum, Dinh Van candles, Bensimon cologne, Nelly Rodi parfum, Jacques Garcia candles, Sofitel parfum, Mama Shelter home spray, La Reserve Genève candle, Hôtel Arts Barcelona candle, Da Rosa parfum.. In 2013, he launched Lola James Harper fragrance collection. While traveling I began to discover inspiring places that I feel are inspiring, that are not that known like vinyl stores, recording studios, art galleries, movie theatres or guitar shops. I began to work on the olfactive memories of those places that are for me inspiring but not renowned. In 2013, I decided to launch Lola James Harper as the collection of those scents in candle and room sprays. Those scents of amazing places are more like a poetry because nobody really knows them precisely. The idea is to plunge and push people into that imaginary world.