It’s the time of year when we must brace ourselves for drastic weather changes—the air becoming crisp and the pressure dropping as snow and rain barrage us from above. These conditions, combined with dwindling darkness, aren’t ideal for anyone, but it does finally permit us to head to the closet and dust off the velvety cashmere sweaters, plush wool coats, and treasured boots that we’d retired in the spring.

Said boots can range in style, material, and even color; and perhaps you’re bored of your capsule wardrobe-compliant brown leather version. Luckily for you, I’ve already assessed what will be popular in the upcoming year not only based on the latest runway trends but conducive to building a lasting personified style. For men, I predict that pink boots will be all the rage.

Boots, in general, are durable in this fickle weather season and made for long-lasting comfort, but pink boots have a modern, updated design that adds a splash of color to any fit. Emitting an electric flare, they’re destined to license double takes from onlookers every time you take the streets. 

The year of pink

What makes men’s pink boots the perfect catalyst to jump-start your 2023 wardrobe can be summed up with Pantone’s Color of the Year: Viva Magenta. While the color is described as a “nuanced crimson red tone that presents the balance between warm and cool,” it goes beyond red to embody the full extent of pink. (For women, this could mean that Barbiecore won’t wane in popularity anytime soon, but I digress.)

By no means should neutral colors be wasted away, but incorporating a pop of pink animates your look and levels up your shoe game. At their core, men’s pink boots dismiss a conformed belief that pink is gender-specific; instead, it empowers us to redefine what traditional masculine footwear is. Stepping out of your comfort zone requires an emphasis on eccentricity and less on primitiveness.

Different types of men’s pink boots

I’ve come to the firm belief that one shoe won’t pair with every piece of garment you own. A true boot collection has a vast array of different types of boots. After all, what’s the fun in wearing the same pair day in and day out, anyway?

There should be variances in the style, color, and fabric. It’s time men add more than the classic brown and black boots in their closets. Here are some brands to help you find the perfect pair, a worthy wish list, if you will, of men’s pink boots, for all kinds of occasions. 



Gucci’s ankle boots are buckled leather with snake-effect straps that would look so suave with a printed button-down shirt and classic blue jeans; the boots are part of Gucci’s MX Collection that highlights ready-to-wear styles with a gender-fluid focus.  


Carlos Sanata

Well-known in the music world, Carlos Santana has become a transformative men’s shoe designer following his success as a singer. The Mantra Chelsea Boot has a calfskin suede upper in a cappuccino color with light pink undertones and a reddish-orange gusset. The sensational pop of color is the perfect balance of vibrancy and subtleness.


George Esquivel

Esquivel’s Chuck lace-up ankle boots revitalize a tried and true classic shoe. In terms of specs, the style boasts a suede, salmon-colored upper and a leather sole; pairing it with fitted denim and a blue button-down will make for a virtually seasonless luxe lookand can be worn to a casual business dinner or a night on the town with friends.


Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo’s collaboration with Timberland offers a hot pink Puffer Boot to liven up any black monochromatic outfit. The rugged boots take inspiration from Harlem Fashion Row’s Shanel Campbell’s design style but ultimately reimagine the iconic Timberland look. 

Maximize your boot game

The new year always brings the mentality that it’s time for a closet clean-out and the gauging of what shoes you’ll need in the new year.

As you open up your closet and thoroughly investigate every pair of boots you own, there will probably be a certain number ready for retirement—the sole has withered, the color faded, and the marks are so vast that they distract from the silhouette. 

Conversely, when thinking about what your next pair of boots will be, a particular shade will electrify any outfit with its dazzling color and set you apart from everyone else.

And if you’re like me, who has an excessive amount of shoes in my overflowing collection, there’s nothing wrong with adding another pair—especially if they’re pink.

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