Esquivel x Cinabre Scarves

French Style Meets SoCal Fashion Elevating the Bandana in an Homage to American Workwear

Esquivel x Cinabre

Esquivel has joined forces with the French accessories brand Cinabre on a collaboration that elevates the humble bandana with the launch of this exclusive capsure collection.

“The inspiration for the collaboration came out of a longtime friendship and mutual respect for each other’s craft. My love for all things Paris and Alex’s love for all things LA perfectly came together in prints that are a tribute to the American workwear tradition. Laborers have always used bandannas as part of their uniform to wipe the grease from their hands or the sweat off their brows. We took that concept and elevated it.”

Handcrafted at the Cinabre atelier in Loire Castle valley, the Esquivel | Cinabre collection includes six prints in Beige, Navy, Kaki, Bordeaux, Noir, and Rouge. The Cinabre brand is intrinsically connected to the history Paris is built on and is known for being the hallmark of sophisticated neckwear.