Men's Classic Weekender Sneaker - Suede


More narrow feet? Sneakers fit true to size.
Flat or wider feet? Suggest going up by 1/2 size.

Esquivel X

multiplication of hope x food x love

Learn more about our Esquivel X Sneakers from George Esquivel in the video below

The X Collection stands for more than just fashion. It represents our desire to do more.

A portion of each Esquivel X sale goes to support the Charity Navigator 4-Star non-profit Giving Children Hope. In these trying times, Giving Children Hope has increased their efforts, delivering additional food and supplies to vulnerable families and healthcare workers in Southern California.

By shopping our X collection you can help us support this amazing organization.

Craft, not hype

See the hand made quality of our Esquivel X collection sneakers


My life is far from perfect, but it's come a long way from my childhood filled with many hardships. Growing up, my father was in and out of jail, while my mother worked as a maid to provide for her children. We often found ourselves in rundown motels or homeless, not always certain when, or from where, we’d have our next meal. We lived in poverty, and we see this same story in our neighborhoods every day.

At Esquivel, we want to rewrite that narrative. I've always believed in the power and duty we have to transform lives by giving more than what we've been given. As the founder of this label, I have a platform to bring awareness of these prevalent issues to a wider audience. Our X collection is dedicated to this mission to give back.

The pieces are marked with our signature "X" which stands for the multiplication of hope x food x love. They are created to start rewriting the stories of today’s poverty-stricken children. With every purchase, we give a portion of the sale to support the non-profit charitable organization Giving Children Hope (unless otherwise noted for other collabs with X).

This collection of products stands for more than fashion; it represents our desire to do more.

- George Esquivel